Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blog Update

Just a note: my blog may be moving to WordPress in the near future. I have been playing around with different blog hosts and WordPress is thus far my favorite. You can categorize your posts, personalize your blog easily, manage comments without having to deal with 50 different screens, and lots of other really nice stuff. It even allows you to import your posts from Blogger! This may be the solution many of us have been looking for, as Blogger seems to have been very unreliable as of late. Slow, muddy connections, troubles with Blogger Beta, plodding blog administration, and so on. I already have the blog set up; it merely remains for me to decide if moving to WordPress is the way I want to go. If so, then I must merely import my posts to WordPress and categorize. Then I can really get started making things look like home again. And just like Blogger, WordPress is free. Check it out if you're looking for blog solutions.


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