Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Photo

Here's my Friday Photo. For background info on the pic, you need to read Donna Shaw's recent blog here. Pay particular attention to the comment I left. Anyway, without any further ado, one of my favorite photographs of all time. It describes exactly what the squirrels around campus do when we're not looking: For Donna's sake, I hope they're only training to go after those evil, Sith Lord albino squirrels at the University of Louisville.


Blogger Shane Morgan said...

Haaaaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaa ha ha haaaaa!!! This is AWSOME!! I love it! Haaaaa haaaa haaa ha haaaaa, you kill me man.


8/12/2006 05:29:00 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

HA! You got me...

BTW- I remember having a counseling ethics class with you a year or so back.. you were in a skit talking about the issue of confidentiality, and you were the female receptionist with a big flowery hat. Hilarious... hope all is well - congrats on the recent marriage!

8/13/2006 10:47:00 AM  

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