Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Deaf Jedi Archives, Final Tally

Well, I catalogued the final book sitting in the stacks tonight. The final tally: 275 books. Count 'em (I did), two-hundred seventy-five books. I will admit the actual total is 276 - I am missing my copy of Boice and Ryken's The Doctrines of Grace. What did the current value of all these books total? I'll put it this way: it is over $5000. I could make a down payment on a car or put a nice dent in my student loans for the money I and my family has invested in these books. Which author tallied the most books? Surprisingly, R. C. Sproul with five titles. Next is Mark Dever with four, though one is his "9 Marks" booklet. Donald Grey Barnhouse also had four, but that is his 4-volume Romans commentary. No author had more than three titles in this listing. Theology was the largest category, with Doctrine making up its largest sub-category. The next largest category was Counseling. I was a Pastoral Counseling student, so that should not take any of you by surprise. Christian Living came in a surprising 3rd. Many of the books we buy apparently cannot be relegated to theology proper, but it is worth mentioning that the bulk of those books were purchased outside of class needs for personal or church usage. Taking into account that I consider much of what is stocked on the shelves of Christian bookstores to be nothing more than FLUFF, I was surprised to see this category be as large as it is. Biblical Studies (including languages) and Church History follow next. Well, that was an interesting look over the past month. I have 275 different books to keep me company over the next year or so. I will not be reading the counseling books except for those that are by Christian authors (i.e. Larry Crabb), unless someone can convince me otherwise. I hope that those of you who have not yet catalogued your libraries will take the time to do so. It is an invaluable tool to have (especially for insurance purposes!), and keeping track of your books can prevent double purchases and help you find books you know you have but have gone suspiciously missing!


Blogger The Archer of the Forest said...

"Taking into account that I consider much of what is stocked on the shelves of Christian bookstores to be nothing more than FLUFF,"

Amen, Brother!

8/23/2006 11:07:00 PM  

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