Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Cultivated to Blog?"

Bruce Prescott of the Mainstream Baptist blog claims I've been cultivated by Albert Mohler to blog. Now, my interaction with this particular blog by brother Bruce has been decidedly sporadic. However, I've witnessed over the past year his incessant, unreasonable, borderline hate-filled attacks on conservative Southern Baptists. There are continual unfounded accusations on his blog towards certain individuals in our convention. Now he has touched upon me and others in the SBTS blogosphere. I find his assertion that I and others on this bloglisting are "fundamentalists" to be knee-slapping funny. Especially when one can find jestful statements I've written about "not giving fundamentalists time of day." Even funnier is his assertion that I, and we, have been cultivated by Al Mohler to blog. After the Band of Bloggers fellowship and Russell Moore's tongue-in-cheek characterization of bloggers as "guys sitting around in their underwear," I wonder just where Prescott is getting his information. For the record, I got into blogging only after observing my buds Ryan and Nick start their own blogs. I still don't remember how I happened upon the "Christ-bloggers," as Mr. Frank Turk has labelled us. I do know that I finally found the SBTS blogroll after getting a nod from a fellow student (who will remain nameless until he updates his blog--the last update is nearly a year old) and following the links on his blog. I blog for God's glory, my own enjoyment and for fellowship with distant brothers and sisters, not for Al Mohler. If being a guy who actually believes what the Bible says makes me a fundamentalist, I'd be scared to see Prescott's definition of a conservative.


Blogger R. Mansfield said...

No one cultivated me to blog. I had a blog for two years before I decided to come back to school and finish my degree. I just happened to discover on another student's website and decided to submit mine as well. And I did it mainly because I wanted to expose my website to as many folks as possible (that's why most of us do it whether we admit it or not).

I suggest that Mr. Turk is making conspiracies where they don't exist.

I asked him in the comments (although he hasn't allowed it to post yet) if perpaps SBTS has more bloggers than any mainline or progressive schools simply because we have more students than any mainline or progressive schools.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Stephen.

8/10/2006 10:56:00 PM  
Blogger Tim Ellsworth said...

I still think it's hysterically funny that Prescott thinks he's "mainstream." Talk about delusional.

8/11/2006 12:41:00 PM  
Blogger Stephen Newell said...

Just a quickie:

Mr. Turk isn't the guy in question here, Rick, it's Bruce Prescott. Frank Turk is on "our side," for lack of a better designation. "Christ bloggers" is his response to a lot of the "Godblogs" out there that are nowhere near Christian.

8/11/2006 08:35:00 PM  
Blogger D.R. said...

I've dealt with Bruce Prescott several times over the course of the last year. One particular prediction that he made over a year ago now was that the economy would go into recession 6 months from the time of his post. I challenged his prediction and asked him to agree to print a retraction should it become obvious in 6 months that he was wrong -- he agree (as did I if I was wrong) and yet still has done no such thing.

I have been since banned from his website and I and others are the reason behind his need to moderate comments.

Bruce Prescott is a scourge on the Christian blogosphere. He repeatedly attacks Southern Baptists, Evangelicals, and any other conservatives. He has falsely accused many, printed misleading information, and even used the deaths of men like Adrian Rogers to futher his attacks. All the while he has claimed that conservatives are the biggest hypocrites. It's actually quite remarkable how good this guy is at lying to himself and others. I wish I could give him the benefit of the doubt, but I know him too well to do that. Try not to read him too much, it will just make you angry toward any claiming to be moderates. His full acceptance of the homosexual "lifestyle" and abortion-on-demand disqualify himself from that label.

Glad to see others are noticing Bruce these days and calling him out for his manipulative ways.

8/13/2006 05:16:00 PM  

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