Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Return of the Deaf Jedi

At long last, I have returned. The two or three of you who were holding your breath and pulling out your hair can relax now. I had to get internet set up in our apartment, and I have now gotten DSL cobbled together from BellSouth's excellent service. Let's go over the blog agenda for the next month.
  1. The wedding was great, the honeymoon fun and relaxing, and pics will be posted in the near future.

  2. I will finally get started on irresistible grace this weekend. The reason will be explained in the next item.

  3. I will blog the setting up of my office at church through the next couple of weeks. The bulk of this stuff is notebooks, folders, and papers that I have accumulated through my time at Southern. They need to be sorted and filed. Right now, everything is in boxes or piles in my home office in the apartment, so good luck finding anything! You'll get to see exactly what my home office, where everything is boxed and stuff, looks like now, what my church office looks like, and the finished product.

  4. Josh Hearne, for those of you who remember, asked me to do a translation of John 3:11-21 for the 200th post contest. That will get underway beginning Monday. I will try do to at least one verse per day until it is done. I'm salivating over this one.
I think that is it for the time being. I won't be trying to do too much since we are getting the apartment in order and the like. Thanks again to all who have prayed for me and fed me through their blogs, friendships, and teaching!


Blogger J Hearne said...

I was starting to think you had skipped town. ;-)

The link to my site is botched. You might want to fix that and I'd appreciate any traffic you send my way. Plus, I'm always looking for comments and I know you have an opinion or two.

I look forward to your translation.


7/05/2006 02:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JHearne is a pimp and a half. There's no denying it.

7/05/2006 10:40:00 PM  

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