Friday, July 07, 2006

An Oreo Cookie Moment

Yesterday, while convalescing from my very wet 4th of July, I saw a commercial that gave me pause. Just like the Oscar Meyer weiner, they are redoing the Oreo cookie jingle. Unlike the weiner, the Oreo cookie was a staple of my childhood. Many a day went by when I was very small that I found myself singing the jingle to myself, with a very whimsical look on my face. "Ice cold milk and an Oreo cookie, they forever go together, what a classic combination; a dark delicious cookie meets an icy cold sensation; the one and only creamy crunchy chocolate, O-R-E-O!" Incidentally, I do confess that I thought the verse was a glass of milk. Oh well. They shouldn't mess with a classic, but if you listen to the finalists, A Capella Gold sounds almost exactly like the original. Now go get yourself a glass of milk and some OREO cookies!


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