Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Fed-Ex Plane Goes Down

Most of you may not know or may not remember, but I was promoted to a part-time management position at UPS last May. This month I have been in the company's month-long training program for new part-time supervisors. This is the final week of training. I've been learning a lot of very interesting and helpful stuff, as well as receiving excellent training. Today, we were given a tour of the ramp at UPS' airport facilities. This is where the planes go from the runway to be unloaded and loaded. As we rode in the van across the ramp, we drove by one of the runways and saw a sight to behold. A Federal Express 727 plane was down in the grass off the runway. In fact, tomorrow's Courier-Journal story about the incident (click here for the story) says the plane actually skidded off the runway onto the grass during an aborted takeoff. Thankfully no one was hurt, and the 727 was able to roll itself into a hangar. They are saying that an engine apparently shut off, causing the aborted launch. But as we drove by, I couldn't help but notice what the photo in the article does not show. Along the building directly behind the plane in the picture is a whole line of UPS planes! The irony was thick. I've got to put in a call to my sister's husband, who works for Fed-Ex, and let him know just who's the best.


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