Saturday, April 08, 2006

5 Marks of a True Christian

Timmy Brister has put up an excellent post asking readers to give the 5 marks of a Christian. He is asking for 5 words specifically, 5 attributes. You can find the post here. Now, while I think that it is good to list 5 attributes, I think it can be better encapsulated in 5 statements. Obviously, we're required to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit, and that's more than 5, and each of them are equally important in my mind. So with that said, here is what I believe are the 5 Marks of a True Christian.
  1. A testimony of repentance and faith in Christ and of sanctification since.
  2. Fear of the Lord - a deep and abiding awe, reverence, and dread of God (and Christ)
  3. Love for the Lord - which includes in my mind a love of the Word
  4. Love of neighbors - brothers and sisters in Christ as well as the lost
  5. Missional attitude - concerned to fulfill the Great Commission in whatever setting one is in
Is this not a strong list? This list, in my mind, encapsulates every Christian attribute (i.e. fruit of the Spirit) and responsibility (i.e. going to church, witnessing, etc.) there is. When limited atonement is finished, I am going to devote a short series to each of these points. This is too important. This may even become a sermon series.


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