Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Musings

Just a few random pre-church musings:
  • Tennessee officially declared my NCAA Tournament bracket busted with a loss to Wichita State yesterday. Those slackers. I had 'em going back to the Sweet 16 this year. But it is just the first year of the Bruce Pearl era, so I think I can cut them some slack.

  • In contrast, Alex Forrest says he went 15-1 on the first day. Alex, you bracketologist git, share some of that Ph.D. knowledge next March. Please!!!

  • Stephen Underkofler serves up another gem. Honestly, I don't know where he gets this stuff. If I could be half as creative (and on-target) as this guy, the 'Cron would be a funner read. But I digress; to each as the Spirit wills.

  • Mr. Frank "Centuri0n" Turk has two amazing posts on marriage and marriage counseling. I plan to deconstruct them here on the weekends and in-between doctrines of grace postings. Look Frank (hereafter "Mr. Turk"), I kept my promise to call you "Mr." from now on because of those two posts!

  • Tricia and I are thinking about adopting a deaf dog. No, not one of those service dogs, I mean a dog that actually is deaf. Flurry, a 3-month old Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix, is totally deaf due to a lack of pigmentation in her ears. She only understands sign language. Since Tricia and I just happen to be deaf, and just happen to be fluent signers, we thought this would be nice. We visited Flurry yesterday and found her to be fascinating. She does have an attitude, though. We'll keep thinking and praying about her and wait until the home visit to make a decision. Oh, yeah, we found her through a Goldie rescue here in Louisville: GRRAND.

  • Cool Blog Shout-Out: Archaeoblog. This blog feeds the monster of an armchair archaeologist in me. These guys keep up with happenings in the archaeological world. It's almost as if they're the CNN of archaeology, or at the very least a "breaking news" scrollbar. Fascinating reads. Be warned, though: they aren't Christians (to my knowledge) and have derided Creationists. But don't let that detail deter you.

  • Wedding Update: Tricia and I are now entering the final 3 months until our impending nuptials. I've gotten the tuxes done and have only the limo to reserve, and a little extra work on honeymoon accomodatioins. After that my work will be done, and I get to supervise the rest. I say that tongue-in-cheek; we all know that due to the overimportance placed on the bride, the rest of this is Tricia's show. Come on now, if not for us grooms there wouldn't be a show to begin with! But I've been a very involved groom, making a lot of the decisions, so our wedding day will be something we are both extremely pleased with because we decided together. Just food for thought for all you other prospective brides and grooms out there--do it together, don't let the bride or her mother decide everything. It's your day too, guys!
And I think that should top off the tanks. I have a paper or two to write this week, so I think I will save my introductory post on Limited Atonement for Friday. I can't wait!


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