Friday, January 13, 2006

Weird-O-Cron: Friday the 13th Edition

In a special Friday the 13th edition of the Weird-O-Cron, I bring you some truly odd news. Vampire to Run for Minnesota Governor. This one is truly odd. The AOL News article has a pic of the guy, for those of you who can access it. But since Minnesota voted for "The Body," there's no reason why they wouldn't vote for "The Impaler," don't you think? I especially like what this guy says he'll do to child molesters and murderers. Too bad he just hates God the Father instead of the whole Trinity. Here's another: Scientists Create Glowing Green Pigs. Green eggs and ham, anyone? That Sam I am! That Sam I am! I do not like that Sam I am! In the "Stupid Criminals" department: Smurfy Face Paint Gives Suspect Away. *Singing theme to The Smurfs* Naa, naaa, na na na naa, naa, na na na naaaa... Blonde Moment of the Day: Man Gets Stuck in Washing Machine. And in true horror movie fashion, we close with a dead body: Woman Dead Since 2003 Left Sitting at TV. And with that, I go to find a few old school horror movies to enjoy tonight. Bela Lugosi, anyone?


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