Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Random Pre-Slumber Thoughts

Random thoughts before bed: ***Jason Doty asks for directions on how to play "Weird Package Hunt" at UPS. It's a boredom buster. Or it might make you more bored. Well, Jason: your wish, in this instance, is my command. Look for a Weird-O-Cron™ on it later today. After I've slept, of course. You understand. ***Shane Morgan says I'm not a 4-point Calvinist. I'm actually a 4.5-pointer. I just can't get past the notion that Jesus didn't die for everyone, yet I affirm most everything else. I'm such a liberal heretic. ***Speaking of Calvin, my copy of Institutes came in today. I won't seriously start reading it until summer, but I can guarantee I'll be doing some browsing in there. Oh, yes, I got the 2-volume set by McNeill at a $25 discount. No abridgements for this boy. I learned my lesson with a reading of an unabridged The Three Musketeers. Once you go whole, you lose your soul. Okay, okay, I'll stop. ***That reminds me, Jason Doty and I are now infamous. That's right, closed "The Great Cussin' Blogwar" by calling Jason "arrogant" and me "nothing." And all because we told him to defend himself from Scripture, and as a result he seems to think Jason questioned his salvation, and because I told him to stop whining when he kept getting slammed down by everyone else, that I called him a "stupid whiner." I never said I wasn't blunt, but confronting a brother doesn't call for sunshine and daisies. By the way,; if you (or I or anyone else for that matter) are in a battle against Scripture, you'll always lose. Scripture rules us, not the other way around. ***And where slams are concerned, if you didn't see Dr. Mohler on Larry King Live last night (I didn't but read the transcript), you missed a good one. Incidentally, Jason also has some comments on it on his rag. I'm amazed how consistent people who can't defend their views biblically are: they get slammed, then resort to character attacks. Oh, stop whining. At least Chad Allen showed a little class. ***On those last two thoughts, I tell you, there's no fear of God before our eyes (Romans 3) anymore. ***Sometimes being an associate pastor can be hard. Especially when issues come up that you want to take on for the pastor, especially when you want to protect the pastor and ultimately your church, but can't because the pastor doesn't want to involve you, ironically to protect you as well. I may not like it, but if I really believe in my role I gotta accept it if the decision is final. Pray for us. Hmm, that might be a good blog series: The Associate Pastor. And on that note I'm going to shut up and go to bed. Good night (or morning, as the case may be).


Blogger Jason said...

I'm still awaiting those rules. After the last couple of nights at work, I'm gonna need something a little different to get me through.

1/19/2006 05:03:00 AM  

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