Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blog Update

All right folks, there have been a few changes around here. Most obviously, the sidebar has been massively cleaned up. No more ugly bullets in the links section. I've also changed the "visited link" color so that it's easier to see. Now it's a lot easier on the eye. Eventually I will be experimenting with the template attempting to make it less generic than it already is. I've added a few links. Most of you should already know by now that Phillip Johnson (the PyroManiac) has effectively shut down the fire. However he's started a new one at Team Pyro. I've retained the original blog and linked to the new one. I've also linked to Purgatorio, THE funniest blog in cyberspace. Read it religiously and brink a hanky or two. Very often you'll find yourself in tears from the laughter! And now, for the tech geeks out there, I've downloaded Paint.NET, a very, very excellent and FREE photo editor. If you want a good photo editor but don't want to shell out $100 or more for PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro or what have you, download this. It is very professional. The previous post contains one of my first attempts to play with it. If a newbie like me can do that, imagine what someone who actually knows what they're doing could do. And in keeping with the Star Wars theme of the title, I've added a footer to the bottom of the page. No, you'll have to scroll down if you wanna read it. *evil grin* Now, some of you have been waiting breathlessly (haha) for the doctrines of grace series to get started. I've talked with Shane Morgan and we've decided to put it on hold a little bit so he (and I for that matter) can get ourselves caught up on things as school gets ready to start. I don't want to post ahead of him nor do I want to get behind him. We'll talk some more tonight and hopefully get something figured out so we're both happy. Oooh, aaah, synchronized posting. I like it already. In the meantime let me take this opportunity to tell you how the blog itself will change now that school is upon us. I mentioned at the beginning of the year I would be cutting back. I will, beginning next week, be posting only on Wednesdays and Fridays. Weekends are fair game, of course. I likely may not even post on Mondays due to spending the entire day in class, so it may be that I post sporadically on Monday evenings. Originally I had intended only to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays with weekends being open, but working at UPS, sleeping all morning, and then having afternoon classes has forced me to rethink that plan a bit. I will not do a "serious" post every day; instead I will endeavor to do one serious post a week. If I get a backlog of things I wanna talk about, I will attempt to get them written out and ready to publish when I am not doing homework, so that way all I'll have to do is push "publish" in Blogger for Word. That's a great application like that, I can just go ahead and write stuff and have it waiting for me on publish day. It will also facilitate things like the series Shane and I are co-blogging. Each week I will attempt to post on two subjects: 1)the current series, and 2) Deaf ministry. In-between those will be all sorts of silly, inane things, including Star Wars tidbits. Of course, I reserve the right to post on a non-blogging day if something comes up that just has to be said. Well, that's where I am. Go forth and blogify.


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