Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blog Update

This is a test of Blogger for Word. Okay, in the process of this test, let me tell you some of the changes around here. First and most obviously, the sidebar has been cleaned up massively. It’s now displaying a better use of space and the links are more ergonomic or economical or whatever the adjective is. Organized, I think. Among the obvious changes are the football rankings (BTW, Tennessee better replace Texas in that slot next year) and the headlines for my series on marriage and evangelicalism. I've also added a new feature, The Daily Greek. It's real cool and lets me brush up on my Greek reading skills. After I graduate I may actually start translating it as a daily exercise. Second, I’ve added some links, among them being Founders Blog, Pyromaniac and the links to John Piper’s Desiring God site and the 9 Marks site as well as the homepage of Founders Ministries. Third, some things sadly had to go. Tricia and I were never using our joint blog, so we decided today to delete it. Only 3 posts in the entire time it was there. Mourn it properly, please. Fourth, my profile has been updated. I’m now using my name. As this blog has become more public and more church and theologically oriented, I can’t keep signing off as “The Deaf Jedi” and expect to be taken seriously. Don’t misunderstand, I’m still the Deaf Jedi. But as the “Great” Cussin’ Argument (see this blog to see how it started and this blog to see how I got into it) has shown me that it’s time to put away the lightsaber a little bit. Oh, I’ll enter into duels from time to time, but from now on I’ll have to seek to become Saint Stephen. Well, that is that. Let’s hope this works. This has been a test of Blogger for Word. Update: Blogger for Word works pretty well, just a warning--don't turn off hyperlinks. I had to go back in to the Blogger editor to fix the hyperlinks. Again, if you don't want the hyperlink code to publish instead of the link itself, don't turn off hyperlinks in Blogger for Word. Also, if you don't want to use the Blogger editor to fix posts, I encourage you not to. Use Word. If you get back into the Blogger editor you'll have to deal with a huge mess. Thus concludes our test.


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