Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Inspiration and Inerrancy Dialogue

Some of you have been asking about the mini-discussion going on in the comments section. Keep commenting! For the time being (while I get the final posts in this series on evangelicalism finished) I will hold off full-fleged discussion. I'll save that for the week after New Year's. In the meantime I have something here to keep the fires stoked on this issue. My friend, "Sugar" Shane Morgan (I'm probably going to get hurt for calling him that) wrote a response to both me and Mr. Hearne in the interest of providing reflection, correction and encouragement to us. I have posted his comments, with his permission, online here.* Mr. Hearne's commentary on the blogpost in question can be found here. He does a good job answering my request to explain the dynamic theory of inspiration. Following in the footsteps of the abrasive Mr. Frank "Centurion" Turk, I now call for any of us who actually read this Holocron to band together to shame Shane Morgan into starting his own blog finally. Even if it's just to get it online and nothing else. Commentary of this depth on what initially was just a superficial rendering of the issue by me deserves its own webspace. As is so often said in the archaeology profession, Shane: Publish or perish! I close this by thanking both Shane and Mr. Hearne for joining into this discussion at a formative moment in my upbringing. I'll elaborate more on that in the post I will have up no later than Friday reflecting on the past year. *EDIT: "Sugar" Shane has asked me to hold off on his response so he can edit it for spelling, grammar, and additions. That link will be restored at a later date. Sorry folks! EDIT EDIT: "Sugar" Shane has finally finished his corrections and additions. The post is now back up and you can click the link above.


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