Thursday, November 03, 2005

"God Will Provide"

I found an interesting article on today: Church-going boosts economic well-being? I find it very interesting that the figure cited for financial increase is nearly the exact same figure that we traditionally have been expected to tithe. And the study says absolutely nothing about tithing to begin with! So the moral of this story seems to be: go to church and see God's blessings. I wonder if the blessings are less related to actual church attendance than they are to what one does in church. I can go to church and not give a flying fiddle dee dee what happens inside, but if I go to church with the intent of being a worshipping, giving individual, I gain benefit. Well, let's pray that our people will a) start coming to church more; and b) give more; so that c) they get more. No one can truly satisfy our every need like Jesus! Update: Some of you may have noticed that What Is An Evangelical? Part 2 is notoriously missing. I have removed it. "Gasp! No!" you say. "Oh yes, yes, yes!" I retort! I have been extremely dissatisfied with that post from the moment I posted it. I will be rewriting it with a goal of having it up by dinnertime Saturday. Don't worry, I have the original post saved.


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