Saturday, November 05, 2005

Catholics vs. Baptists

Well, today Tennessee played Notre Dame in football. For a while it looked like we would have the same old same old. Erik Ainge was horrible, the defense was putting on another clinic after giving up a couple of early big plays, and the offense just wasn't cutting it. ND led 21-10 at the half. Then the third quarter started, and it was great to be a Tennessee Vol. Ainge finally started playing like the quarterback he was made out to be all along, leading a couple of scoring drives that were the exact definition of "Tennessee football" and looking for all the world like Heath Shuler. I won't go so far as to equate him with Peyton Manning or Andy Kelly, and I'm saving my Casey Clausen comparisons for a devastating insult. But all in all, it was tied up 21-21. Then the luck of the Irish struck. After getting a touchdown, the Irish then proceeded to get consecutive interceptions, the first leading to 7 points and the other being returned for a touchdown. They also managed to insert a touchdown drive in between picks. When I left the tv in disgust, it was 41-21. Take away a first half punt return for a TD and those two picks, Tennessee leads 21-20. I've heard rumors this will be the last time UT and Notre Dame play for some time, and that saddens me. This is a great game on the schedule. Plus it gives me something to compete with Tricia's family about. If you haven't been told, her family is Catholic. It's all in fun, of course! But I guess this year we're still apostates. I'll see you again after I return from confession.


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