Friday, November 04, 2005

Cafe Blogging

As I write this, I am sitting in Panera Bread in the Mall St. Matthews. This is my second ever foray into "cafe internet." There's something great about being able to grab my laptop, a couple of good books, and head to the nearest cafe for a sammich, Dr. Pepper, and free wifi (wireless internet for the untutored). I actually wrote a book review while at Panera, so it's nice to be able to come here with no homework to do. Though I digress--I may start typing up the liturgy I've been working on. I like typing better than I do handwriting these days. This is an interesting environment. Being the mall, there is a plethora of beautiful young women and young men, and not a few older types. In fact, I see very few Baby Boomers here--most of the patrons are under 35 or over 50. There is an over-60 couple at the table across the room from me arguing rather loudly. Thank the good Lord I'm deaf--I can just simply shut off my hearing aid. *goofy smile* But I'd like to make a point about the beautiful young women. Several have made a point to attract my glance, especially the two drop-dead gorgeous single moms with year-old babies sitting by the window. I am feeling the lack of a wedding ring rather ominously right now. Maybe the fact that I'm engaged just gives me the aura of a man who's not afraid of commitment. Furthermore, one young lady (unattached and unsaddled with children--in fact I'd say she's a college soph) saw me sitting at my computer looking unassumedly gorgeous and available, walked over, and made a show of tying her shoe in such a position that if I closed my laptop I would be given an unfettered view of her, uhm, ampleness. As she stood she looked me in the eye but I made a rather pronounced point of concentrating on my laptop, and she walked away. Okay, you may now begin slashing away at the hubris. I'm not that good looking. But seriously, is there that much of a shortage of available, confident men that girls would shamelessly flirt with a guy who still hasn't slept? Much less a blogger? Much less a Deaf Jedi? Perhaps this says something about the quality of men these ladies have been pursuing lately. We can only hope that women the world over get the hint and stop going after the bad boys. Tricia, fortunately, never had that problem. The first guy she really went after was a good guy, and he mutually went after her, and lo and behold she's marrying him. At least I hope I'm a good guy. Well, I think I will read a few new blogs and then get the liturgy typed up so I can get it finished before the weekend is over!


Blogger Ocean said...

You are Handsome as always!

11/09/2005 05:37:00 PM  

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