Friday, October 07, 2005

More Intelligent Design

I came across this quote by Alvin Plantinga:
Plantinga adds that the idea that “human beings and other living creatures have come about by chance, rather than by God’s design, is also not a proper part of empirical science. How could science show that God has not intentionally designed and created human beings and other creatures? How could it show that they have arisen merely by chance. That’s not empirical science. That’s metaphysics, or maybe theology. It’s a theological add-on, not part of science itself. And, since it is a theological add-on, it shouldn’t, of course, be taught in public schools.”
Now isn't that interesting? After all the fussin' and cussin' by scientists that Intelligent Design isn't science and shouldn't be taught in schools, along comes a highly respected philosopher and shows that evolution as a theory of origins is exactly the same thing they're claiming about ID. Wow.


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