Monday, October 17, 2005

Fire in the Temple

Well, it seems I was "on fire" yesterday during my sermon. I was continuing my theme of wants and needs, based off hearing the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want" a few weeks ago. This week I talked about "God In The Storm," basically a Christian response to "when bad things happen to good people." I didn't think I'd done anything special. I did think, though, that I had "clicked," that I'd basically let the Holy Spirit guide me and direct my words. My transitions were all there, everything was seamless, I was clear as a bell, all that jazz. I wasn't even tired as I usually am after preaching! I was feeling quite pleased at my technique and clarity afterwards--after all, that's been my goal, to preach with skill in sign language. Then on the drive back to Tricia's house for a family dinner, she remarked that I was "on fire" that morning. Huh? She said I was about to blow the roof off the place. I asked around when we got back to church that afternoon, and all I got were speechless exclamations. Was I that clueless as to my performance? I wonder if one of the ways we truly act in His power is when we don't even know it. Hmm. I must meditate on this thought more.


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