Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Big Orange Disappointment

It is now official. I no longer count myself among the ranks of the patient. I am now a disaffected University of Tennessee fan. Last night my beloved Volunteers lost to South Carolina 16-15 in a game that should never have been this close. The defense once again put on a clinic on how defense ought to be played, but the offense...sucked. That's right, they sucked. I strongly believe there's no other way to describe it that doesn't involve cuss words. The receivers could not catch a ball to save their lives, a running back fumbled on the goal line (the freaking GOAL LINE!!!), neither quarterback could throw worth a pile of rat poop, and the coaching was horrible. Horrible! I now call for the firing of offensive coordinator Randy Sanders. A demotion is not good enough for me now. Phillip Fulmer's seat temperature, while not yet hot, is becoming decidedly warm. His teams have never lost four regular-season games. NEVER. This is a first. And this from a team that was ranked 3rd in the land when the season started. Any hope for the next two to five seasons rests on the accomplishment of two objectives: the rehiring of David Cutcliffe as offensive coordinator and the recruiting of top-quality Southern quarterbacks. The recent enamorment of the Tennessee coaching staff with non-Southern quarterbacks is proving itself to be a failure. They can't play in this system. They don't know what it means to play in this program. They're all selfish prima donnas. Why, oh why, couldn't Brian Brohm have picked us? *looks to the heavens imploringly*


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