Thursday, October 13, 2005


Today I moseyed to Nally's Barbershop behind Stock Yards Bank on Lexington Road. I'm a big fan of barbershops, and Nally's is a classic one. Very old school. The only problem with it is that it charges $12 for a cut. I have never in my life paid more than $5 in a barbershop--Nally's is the only place I have ever done this--but if you want the barbershop experience, I'd have to say it's worth it. As I walked in, I had intentions to just get a regular haircut. But remembering how unruly my hair was after I woke up, I decided to just chuck it all. Felt good too. Then I decided, "what the heck, let's get a shave too while we're at it," and I was treated to the full treatment--hot towel, hot foam, straight razor and aftershave. Believe me when I say that kickedus maximus buttimus. I think the barbershop is a fading reminder of a better, simpler time. We need more of these places of uncontested manliness and relaxation. You just plain feel good after you've been in one, and the day seems to be brigher and better after chewing the fat with the barber. Very therapeutic. I think I'm gonna prescribe trips to the barber to my male clients from time to time. Okay, I don't really know where today's post is going, it seems to be some sort of brain fart. But I really, really enjoyed my trip to Nally's today, and I guess I just wanted to share the love.


Blogger The Archer of the Forest said...

I added you to my blog. When you start getting some crazy Episcopalians visiting your blog, you will know why...

10/14/2005 10:51:00 PM  

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