Sunday, September 18, 2005

Woe is Me!

Woe is me, for I am a man of a defeated Big Orange. Tennessee once again was possibly cheated out of a win against our archrival Florida. Tied 7-7 and driving for a touchdown, Tennessee passed to the 1-yard line with a spectacular diving catch. The receiver, in replays, clearly had both hands on the ball before he hit the ground and tucked the ball in as he rolled, never losing possession. But the review crew decided that the ball hit the ground, and overturned the catch. Funny, they overlooked the part where he had caught the ball before it ever touched grass. This negated an almost sure touchdown that would have put Tennessee up 14-7 at halftime. This completely changed the game, as Tennessee was forced to settle for a field goal, and instead got the kick blocked as a Florida defender got a hand on it. Tennessee would never score again. We lost 16-7 as Florida got three second half field goals. It is always in this game that the most controversial calls in Tennessee history in the last 10 years have occurred. There's the infamous dropped pass in the end zone by Florida that was ruled a touchdown (before replay was instituted), the famous slap that resulted in a penalty against Florida, leading to a UT score and win, among many others. The vast, vast majority of these calls have gone against Tennessee, for reasons totally beyond my comprehension. It's one of the questions I plan to ask Jesus after I get in to heaven. But all is not totally lost. Tennessee still inhabits the top 10. A national title is not totally out of the picture. But we must defeat LSU utterly next week to have a chance at this. Anyway, my rankings for this week are over on the sidebar, along with a new book I am reading. Enjoy!


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