Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Holy Kibbles-n-Bits, Batman!

After having seen this on several of my friends' blogs, I just hadda post this for my one or two (haha) readers: Isn't that amazing? That picture is real. A Saint Bernard puppy named Elsie swallowed a 13-inch serrated knife with a forked point! Here's what the story (you can read it here) had to say:
There was the knife, lodged between Elsie’s esophagus and stomach. The puppy had swallowed it handle first. The only safe way to remove the blade was to cut open Elsie’s belly, which Carew did the next morning in a two-hour operation.
Here's a shot of the knife itself: Scary, ain't it? Thankfully, here's what the vet had to say:
"I’ve taken other things out of dogs, like shish kebab skewers, toys, small utensils, but never a blade." After plenty of antibiotics and intravenous feeding, Elsie was ready Thursday morning to go home to Scarola, her four teens and husband. “She was bright and alert, eating well, a goofy little puppy,” the vet said.
And now for a pic of the vet and that mischievous puppy: Shout out to Dee Reju for turning me on to this!


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