Sunday, December 19, 2004

Welcome, Readers

Greetings! Welcome to the Silent Holocron! This is my little spot to journal, ponder, theologize, pontificate, rant, and other things of a written nature. I was inspired to begin this by other friends who have their own blogs. In truth, I have given serious thought to starting my own blog, ever since I created a blog for Deaf Cafe several months ago, but never really got to it due to quite a few responsibilities in and out of school and work. Now that the semester is over, I have decided to get off my literary posterior and do some blogging! A holocron, for those non-Star Wars buffs out there, is basically a cube of some sort that projects a hologram. But this is no ordinary hologram. The holocron is like those portable USB drives that can fit in your pocket. You save all sorts of information in it. In the Star Wars universe, history, wisdom, teachings and lore were stored in the holocrons by the Jedi. I'd like to do sort of the same thing in my own faux-Jedi way. I call this "The Silent Holocron" simply because I happen to be deaf and heavily involved in Deaf culture. But see, I grew up in hearing culture, leaving me more likely to do something like this blog! Any and all subjects are open for posting in this blog, including religion and politics, so at times I may express views that are not exactly politically correct. Which is fine and dandy with me, I think we've gotten too enamored with this silly political correctness thing! True thought and debate is stifled by this newfangled tendency to say "I don't want to offend anyone." In fact, I may use this blog to periodically journal for my counseling supervision, in hopes that it will make it easier for me to meet this requirement of my ongoing training as a professional counselor. Then it will get really interesting, seeing how I get into people's minds and turn their brains into even deeper puddles of mush than they were before! ;-) So it is with expectation and excitement that I begin this blog, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I intend to!


Blogger Voyager said...

Well said. No PC crap on your blog, please!

12/20/2004 08:15:00 PM  

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