Friday, December 24, 2004

The Grinch is Real!

Check this out: I really only have one thing to say about this guy: Wow. Nick (mentioned below in me last post) doesn't know whether to applaud this guy or hate his guts. I'm of the same mindset. What would you do in this guy's shoes? Me, I might have made them get up at 4 AM, and instead of opening presents, I might have made them go to a soup kitchen. Heck, if I wanted to give away their presents I might have made them give their presents to poor children. A deeper lesson is instilled rather than just wantonly selling gifts. But an even deeper principle is illustrated here: parents these days are WAY too lenient with their kids! "Back in the day," if I misbehaved, oh dear God. "Oh sweet Lord you did not," mom would say, right before giving me a good spanking (or a good yelling when I got older). I mean, dang, my generation actually got punished! These days what do they do? People give their kids a "time out." Yeesh. Don't misunderstand me, I'm all for less spanking, but "time outs," in general, don't work. I've always believed spanking is a preferred method of punishment, but only to be used as a last resort. And don't give me any of this silly guff about how spanking is "abusive." Oh sweet Lord you did not! Abuse is beating a kid. Spanking is not the same as beating. Get over it. Perhaps if parents would actually punish their kids instead of being wishy washy about "hurting their feelings" and "not wanting to abuse them," we'd have fewer children acting like spoiled brats. No liberal parenting philosophies here, folks! Okay, that's enough ranting. Wow, my first rant on this blog! I'm so proud! With that, I give thee leave to enjoy thy holiday! Eek, I mean Christmas!!! ;-)


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